What is a Sale
What is a sale?
A Sale in reality is selling yourself or your talents. This is great news. Although there are many things that make sales better and make you a better salesperson I find the 4 main ingredients to great sales are as follows:

S Smile- no they cant see you but believe me it makes a difference. I spent alot of time in door to door solicitations and telemarketing and I can tell you this , If you are smiling on the outside Yur whole outlook will be better. With a better outlook you will not give up because of the NOs because you know there is a yes around the corner.

A Ask- yourself questions pertaining to the product or service for example
What will it do for me? Is the cost reasonable? What would make this product more useful?
The more you ask yourself the better you will know your product and how to market it. It is often smart as well to use a question in the subject as it will get your ads read. Instead of 'The Safelist with the most Freebies' you might use 'How generous is your Safelist?' Arouse their curiosity.

L Listen- Again you cant literally hear them but ask for opinions from people who have used the product or if it is brand new check around, look at similar Products, forums, testimonials and anywhere else you can get Ideas as to what people want then LISTEN to
them and use this to your advantage.

E Enthusiasm- There is nothing worse than seeing and ad that says Im so Excited or Im jumping for joy when the image in your head is of them on their butt at the computer. Not good. You should show you are pleased and enthused over a product or service but in more subtle ways. Read these 2 little examples and see if you can see the difference

1.Im So Excited! Just Launched We Will Send your ad to to millions of opt in subscribers!

2.Wow!! This will Knock your socks off, and while you pick them up off the floor we will send your ads to millions.

Which did you enjoy reading more #2? Thought So. I showed just as much excitement in the second one without making it sound like I am off my chair jumping for joy. I also turned my excitement to their benefit notice that? Subtle is the key.

Of course there is no magic wand to make you get more sales and we all have times where it is very slow but keep your chin up and try to employ these principals whenever possible and you Should see better results and you will be much calmer and happier going through the slow times. Remember SALE smile,ask,listen,enthusiasm.
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